Buzz About The Book

Some of the POWs interviewed for this story have died since those interviews 20 years ago. Throughout the publication process, we’ve been trying to reach the families of those POWs to let them know of the book and share their loved ones’ interviews with them. Until this story on March 31, we still had not found the family of Room 6 prisoner and retired Air Force Lt. Colonel Al Meyer. Yesterday morning, a TV station in his hometown of College Station interviewed author George Hayward about The Party Dolls. George asked for help in finding Meyer’s family, and within two hours of the story airing, he was talking to Meyer’s wife on the phone! One of her relatives saw the story, called her, and they connected soon after! Thank you, Bary Roy at KCEN!!

“It is a masterful work – very well written, thoughtful, objective and truthful.”

Porter Halyburton

U.S. Navy Commander, Annex Room 2 prisoner

“It is a great read, entertaining and thought-provoking.”

Wallace Newcomb

U.S. Air Force Lt. Col., Annex Room 6 prisoner and Party planner

“I learned a lot that I didn’t know.”

Jay Hess

U.S. Air Force Lt. Col., Annex Room 5 prisoner

“I found it very interesting, very accurate, and an excellent historical record of a very long hot summer in 1969.”

John Michael McGrath

U.S. Navy Capt., Annex Room 5 prisoner and author, Prisoner of War: Six Years In Hanoi

“I heard these stories many times, but it is so interesting to hear with other’s input. I am so thankful they were able to come home. Thank you, George.”

Mary Baugh

Wife of Col. Bill Baugh, Annex Room 6 prisoner and Party planner